Miscellaneous Crew Photos:
The admiral and the captain, zooming
up a river through a mangrove swamp
in Tenacatita.  The admiral thinks the
captain is going too fast.
Lou and Mary onboard Ace in Costa
Rica, celebrating one year of cruising.
Emily Heeney Dietz, taken with our new
3 Mpixel Fuji camera.
Emily and Martin doing their stuff.  
Mary and Martin having fun in a bar in
Barra de Navidad.  If you’re getting the
impression that we hang out in a lot of bars,
I swear it just isn’t true.  We just seem to
take pictures in bars.
Emily swinging from the rigging, one of
her favorite activities
The funkiest retro bar this side of
Cuba.  Bar Social in Manzanillo serves
inexpensive drinks (to kids too!), and
fills the table with delicious appetizers
and sea food, at no cost!  We each had
a drink in the early afternoon, and ate
enough so we didn’t need dinner that
evening.  They also had a pianist taking
requests.  I don’t know how they do it,
but it looks like they’ve been doing it for
a long time.
Martin Heeney Dietz, on the street in
San Patricio de Melaque, where they
have a big St Pat’s celebration with
fireworks.  Apparently the town is
inhabited by the descendants of  some
Irish mercenaries who liked Mexico,
switched sides (I don’t know what war!),
and settled here.  We didn’t see too
many Irish-looking locals, though.