Passage to Marquesas (April 6 - 25, 2005)
Our awesome 25 year old Spinnaker!  
Also known as a kite.  We kept her up
for six days straight.  
Emily and Martin on watch.  They have
their harnesses on and are tethered to
the boat.  This idyllic scene of brother
and sister was common.  But we did
have several fights over the chair that
Emily is sitting on!
Emily in control.  Emily is talking with
the other cruising friends about what's
for lunch, what books they are reading.
This kept the loneliness at bay.
Mom and dad, we're out of here.  This
photo was taken from the boat we had
a swim party with in the middle of the
deep blue.  We hadn't seen other
people or boats in 2 weeks!  
Ace under spinnaker on Day 14 of her
passage to the Marquesas. Photo from
s/v Safari.

A rare sight--Martin taking a shower.  
We take all of our showers in the
Going fishing?  We have hove to
(basically stopped the boat) so we could
go swimming with another boat.   Emily
and Martin are tethered to the boat so
Ace doesn't float away from them.
Sailing of into the sunset.  Courtesy of
sailing vessel Safari.