Passage to Marquesas, Days 8 - 10
Yes, another update.  Doesn’t Mary have anything better to do?  

Halfway there!  We’re making good speed and if this wind holds up (which it is not forecast to do) our
ETA according to the GPS/Chartplotter is April 23rd, which would be a 17 day passage!  

The seas have been quite sloppy.  We have gotten pooped (waves coming into the cockpit) about
three times.

The sloppiness of the seas makes meal preparation a bit of a balancing act.  Plus, at times, my picky
eaters drive me crazy!  And believe you me… they get to hear me rant.  I betcha y’all are surprised
that I rant!  Look, give me some sympathy here—because I’m not getting it from anybody on this
boat.  I start the day thinking… what should I fix today?  I let everyone know what I am going to fix—
especially for the main meal.   Preparing a hot meal means coming precariously close to flames while
the boat does the rock and roll.  I may have someone take a video of this.  It is an amazing balancing
act.   Okay—I’m the only one amazed, but by the time I’m finished-  I feel like I should get some
applause!  Instead, I get “Mom, I’m tired of eating fish.” Or an utter look of disgust as one of my dear
offspring takes each bit of tomato out of her burrito.  That is why I’m very close to resorting to my
habit when I was single---the Popcorn diet!    Anybody feeling sorry for me yet?  

We haven’t seen very much wildlife.  The flying fish have been less suicidal these days.  We have
seen some terns.  It has been overcast a bit and so I’m missing the stars.  The moon is starting to
keep us company more.  It doesn’t feel so lonely out here when the moon is out!  She’s always been
my friend.  

So, what is going right?  Well, Ace…Ace is going right.  She is just amazing!  She is really performing
nicely—with her new sails and our windvane!   Lou should be especially proud that all of his head
scratching, considering and re-considering has really paid off and it shows when a boat is put
through the challenges of a long ocean passage!

We sailed with the spinnaker today (Day 10).  It was a good ride with the windvane steering.  The
windvane is a Monitor brand.  So, we call him (?) Roti Nom—now ain’t that clever?

School is progressing along.  We are reading Sophie’s World still.  We are reading about the
Romanticists.  Emily and Martin are bearing with me still.  We are also continuing Math, French for
Emily and Tahitiian for Martin and Typing.  (9 year old humor:  pupu in Tahitian is shell).   

What we are reading:

Lou- The Cadillac JukeBox
Mary-Finished Rescue in the Pacific (about a weather bomb that hit some cruisers heading from New
Zealand to the South Pacific in 1994.  It was a good read..) and now I’m reading  The Passion of
Emily- Has read about 6 books so far this passage.
Martin- read another two books in less than 24 hours!   He is reading a book my mom loves, Seven
League Boots by Richard Halliburton.  

And, we’re reading more and more about French Polynesia and getting more and more excited
about getting there!  Hope they have a cheeseburger in paradise!

We are going to start an exercise regime on the boat.  Martin is having a hard time being cooped up
and not able to move around.  I should have thought of this earlier.    Push ups and sit ups will be
the regime!

We’re enjoying listening to music.  Jack Johnson is one that we all can agree on.  And for some
reason, we listen to John Denver quite a bit.  We’re also enjoying Mark Knopfler’s Sailing to
Philadelphia.  Emily has a goal of learning Annie’s Song on the guitar before we reach the
Marquesas.    And when Emily, Martin and I want to drive Lou crazy (now why would we want to do
that? )  we put on Sara Brightman’s Time to Say Goodbye and bombard him with our best operatic