Martin's Page
But, you've got to love him!  Martin's
favorite things are Surfing, Guitar, and
Eating !!!   Lots and lots of food.  He got
so hungry once he almost ate his sister.  
So make sure to feed him well!!!
Me and my buddy Nathaniel on a
river ride in Tenacatita  ,Mexico.
Me and my buddy on top of the
spinnaker pole.  Don't ask me where,
Costa Rica .
Two crazy soccer heads!!!  That's Alec
Quinones on the left, and Adam
Zuravleff behind.
Board , Boogie board  , Board , Boogie
board , Board , Board.  That's a weird
thing the kids made up.  Tamarindo,  
Costa Rica, with the crews of Ace and
Butt's up ,dude!!!  Teahupoo , Tahiti.
I don't know what to write for this pic,
except Emily is shouting, " GO FOR IT
,BRO!!!"  Teahupoo , Tahiti.
This place was quite a crowded spot.  I
think I almost ran over a kid on this
wave.  Teahupoo , Tahiti.
Me,surfing.  Pan Dulce, Matapalo,
Costa Rica.
Me and my good friend, Paul .  Pan
Dulce , Matapalo, Costa Rica.
Me, filleting fish with my good
friend, Mana, who is the best spear
fisherman that you will ever meet.
He has the best eyes ever under
water.   Anse Amyot , Tuamotus.